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Pigeon Island Beach Resort

Whether you want to Scuba dive in exotic ocean waters or sun-bathe on palm fringed beaches, Trincomalee is the place to be. It is a land of miles of sun kissed beaches where you can watch the sun rise over beautiful bays, go for long walks and build castles on sandy beaches, learn of history by visiting the finest harbour, re-live colonialism by walking through Fort Frederick, experience religion and culture that are centuries old, gaze at the sun set as the boats come home laden with the days catch…this is the essence of Trincomalee.

Encrusted with strikingly beautiful coral reefs with shoals of brightly coloured fish, Pigeon Island is located north of Trincomalee, off Nilaveli one of the finest beaches in Sri Lanka – wide stretches of sand and what appear to be miles of clear shallow water.