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Welcome to Gehan's Wildlife Book Corner. Gehan is typical of many birders who have a passion for books and can't walk past a bookshop without taking a quick peek at the wildlife books. This part of Jetwing Eco Holidays website is for such people. The Book Corner allows you to have a pre-view of a book, without going to the bookstore.

Gehan lives in a traditional brick house in Colombo, surrounded by books. He remains deaf to the complaints of his wife and two daughters, that the house has too many bird books, taking up valuable living space. Undeterred, Gehan continues to collect books, claiming that each one, will be the last.


Here, a selection of books are featured. Some are selected because they are fine bird books, highly desired for the quality and content of colour illustration as well as good information content. The bird family monographs by Pica Press, Christopher Helm and Oxford University Press are good examples. Others are selected because of the information content. The Guide to Bundala published by IUCN (Sri Lanka) is such an example. Field Guides are once again featured for their functionality. Books by publishers such as T&D Poyser are featured because they have established a name for series, for the wealth of information and scientific insight, in each title.




The titles are featured by publisher. This may seem unusual, but many birders search for particular titles in the Christopher Helm series for example. So although this is not a scientific style, it is more useful for the enthusiasts of fine bird and wildlife books.

Can I buy the book from this website? Sorry, no. Jetwing Eco Holidays is not geared to handle book sales, but we provide plenty of links to where you may be able to source the book from.