Big Game Safaris

This is a short three day excursion designed to explore the wildlife and biodiversity of Yala National Park with an emphasis on spotting Yala’s Big Three – Leopard, Asian Elephants and Sloth Bear. Located in Southern Sri Lanka, Yala is regarded as Sri Lanka’;s most popular national park for watching a variety of large mammals, with the leopard, Sri Lanka’s top cat being the star attraction. Research has shown that Block I of Yala National Park has the highest ensity of Leopard per given area. Yala is also home to about 250 – 300 Asian Elephant including about 10 tuskers. The shaggy coated Sloth Bear, regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in the Sri Lankan forests when cornered is the third highlight. Bear can be seen year-round however are most commonly encounrtered during the ‘Palu’ season on almost every game drive between May to July each year. You may also see Jackal, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Stripe-necked, Brown & Ruddy Mongooses, Black-naped Hare & several civet species. In the water holes you may see Mugger Crocodile, Painted Stork, Lesser Whistling Teal, Black-headed Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, Great, Median & Little Egrets & the rare Black-necked Stork. Also drive up to the Buttuwa Tank to see the rare winter visitor, Bay-backed Shrike. The migrant bird species that you are likely to see include Indian Pitta, Brahminy Myna & large flocks of Rosy Starling flying for roost. The monsoon forest vegetation of the park is dominated by Palu Trees. (Manilkara hexandra) and the thick undergrowth is dominated by thorny bushes.



Early morning pickup from Colombo and transfer to Elephant Reach, Yala for two nights. Afternoon safari for Yala National Park for Yala’s Big Three – Leopard, Sloth Bear and Asian Elephant.


Early morning and afternoon game drive at Yala National Park.


Morning, one last game drive at Yala National Park. After breakfast, leave for Colombo.