Nature Tours in Elpitiya

Now you need just an hour and a half of travelling to witness the thriving tea and Rubber Plantations in an evergreen tropical rain forest surrounding.  At these estates, you are privileged to experience some more commercial crops such as cinnamon, coconut, oil palm and banana.  As you know the aroma of Cinnamon invited many foreign powers in to this land since about the sixteenth century. You will be enlightened on the processes of the production of tea, rubber and oil palm by the specialists at the respective fields. Also you will be provided an opportunity to be a tea taster for a while.

Your will feel the dampness of the grass under your feet and the coolness of the fragrant breeze blowing over the distantly stood mountain ranges when you engage on trekking  in the adjacent   forest  in search of colourful endemic birds. Their melodious songs may charm your mind and the sole. Environment friendly ferry ride of about 45 minutes in the tributary which flows through the estate may not fade away from your memory for many years. The taste of local sweet meats and the beverages is matchless. The demonstration of the preparation of one of the sweetmeats in the afternoon is an activity that you should not miss. The colonial lunch prepared and served in estate bungalow may take you back to the period of the British occupation in the island.

Observe and experience the unique features of the micro culture of the plantation workers. Some more, if you are interested in purchasing fine Sri Lankan tea at the estate sales outlet you will enjoy a special discount particularly for ornamental packages.