Sperm Whales & Wilpattu

The waters around the Kalpitiya Peninsula are currently a hit with visitors for dolphin watching, where pods of several hundred Spinner Dolphins could be seen on a regular basis. However, acting on an insight by marine biologist Dr Charles Anderson, Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne began to explore Kalpitiya’s potential for whale watching in February 2010, two years after Kalpitiya was established for dolphin watching. Data has now become available to confirm that the edge of the continental shelf is close and that Kalpitiya could be the third of Sri Lanka’s whale watching hot spots.

Approximately, 60kms from Kalpitiya lies Wilpattu – Sri Lanka’s largest National Park, which has re-opened recently after the end of 25 years of civil war. Wilpattu was traditionally Sri Lanka’s top location for watching Leopard along with Yala in the South. Today, the country’s top cat still rules these forests and the park is also home to elephants, sloth bears, jackals and other mammals. The park also a bird watching haven with over 200 species of birds.


Arrival in Sri Lanka and transfer to Bar Reef Resort, Kalpitiya for three nights.


Day 2 & 3
Mornings, take the boat from Bar Reef Resort and head out to sea, beyond the reef in search of Sperm Whales – the largest toothed whale in the world. The deep seas off the Kalpitiya Peninsula where the continental shelf lies provides an ideal habitat for these giant oceanic predators, which need to dive several hundred meters to hunt prey such as the Giant Squid. After sighting Sperm Whales, your naturalist will focus on Spinner Dolphins, where pods often numbering in the hundreds are regularly seen within a few kilometers of the shore.


Morning, take the boat from Bar Reef Resort and head out to sea one more time in search for more Sperm Whales. Afternoon, leave for Palm Garden Village, Anuradhapura for three nights


Day 5 & 6
Morning and afternoon, leave for safaris at Wilpattu National Park. Occupying about a 1100km2 (425 sq mile) tract of shore line and jungle on the northwest coast, around 180km (110 miles) north of Colombo and 50km (30 miles) west of Anuradhapura, Wilpattu is Sri Lanka’s largest national park and a refuge for elephant, leopard and sloth bears. Wilpattu could become an eco tourism destination to rival Yala in the south, with huge expanses of forest and an array of rare mammal and bird species.


After breakfast leave for Jetwing Beach, Negombo for one night.


Transfer to International Airport.