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Nature Photography Competition

Launched in August 2001, this is expected to be the premier photographic event hosted in Sri Lanka with participation open internationally.



Launched in August 2001, this is expected to be the premier photographic event hosted in Sri Lanka with participation open internationally. The first prize will be Sri Lankan Rupees 100,000 (approximately USD 1,000) to the overall winner. The competition is sponsored by Jetwing, Fujifilm and HSBC of Sri Lanka. 

The competition has the following categories:

  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Other animals
  • Plants
  • Landscapes

A single overall winner will be selected from the winners of the above categories. The First Prize for the overall winner will be Rs 100,000. Category winners will receive Rs 10,000. Second and third place category winners will receive Rs 5,000 and Rs 3,000 respectively. The Young Nature Photographer wins Rs 20,000.


1. The competition is open to photographers internationally and subject matter is not confined to Sri Lanka. Overseas competitors should enclose a cheque for £ 25/US$ 40. Local competitors should enclose a cheque for Rs. 200. Cheques should be drawn in favour of "Nature Photographer 2003". Return postage by ordinary mail will be borne out of the entry fees by the organizer.

2. 10 Photographs can be submitted per category. No one picture can be entered in more than one category. A brief subject description, location & category entered should be sent on a separate sheet of paper accompanying the entry. The name of the contestant on or behind the photograph would be a disqualification.

3. The recommended size for entry is 8" x 12", unmounted, colour prints. If a different print size is to be submitted, the shorter side should be at least 8" long. Prize winners will have to lend the negative / positive to the organizers.

4. Sandwich shots, double exposures, pictures that have been digitally captured or digitally or otherwise manipulated will not be eligible.

5. Pictures of captive, tame, domestic and restrained animals, garden or hybrid plants will not be eligible. If necessary, the photographer's signed affirmation will be requested to detail the circumstances of the picture. If cruel or unethical practices are suspected the organizers reserve the right to disqualify the entry.

6. Entrants under the age of 21 at the closing date (15th July 2003) need not submit an Entry fee. 'Young Entrants' will be automatically considered for the "Young Nature Photographer" category.

7. Entries and registration fee must be posted/ delivered to Fujifilm Image Service, No 501, Union Place, Colombo 10 by the closing date of 15th July 2003.

8. The overall winner of the competition will be chosen from all of the categories.

9. You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of the photographs.

10.Previous winning or commended images of this competition are not eligible for re-submission.

11.The organizers will appoint the panel of judges. The judge's / organizer's decision will be final.

12. If the entries fall below a minimum standard for a category, the organizers reserve the right not to award prizes.

13. The organizers reserve the right to use entries for promotion and publicity of this competition, free of charge.

14. It is expected that the Exhibition will be held in December. Details will be anounced later in the press.

15. Photos submitted will be ready for collection 3 weeks after the close of the exhibition from Fujifilm Image Service, No. 501,Union Place, Colombo 10. Prints will only be posted if a self- addressed envelope is enclosed.

16. The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. Prints not collected or returned with the self addressed envelope will be disposed by 28th February 2004.