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Wildlife Societies


 Wildlife Societies









The Societies Pages are provided to support Sri Lankan natural history organizations. This is another project under the Jetwing Research Initiative whereby Jetwing supports the local research and conservation community. The use of web space on this site by a society does not suggest that the society has in any way endorsed Jetwing products or has tied up with Jetwing. We hope that other private sector companies will also lend support to local organizations under similar non exclusive arrangements. 
WNPS    (Wildlife & Nature Protection Society)

SLNHS       (Sri Lanka National History Society)

FOGSL   (Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka)

Jetwing makes no endorsement on the views and opinions of the committees of these societies whose activities are wholly independent of Jetwing. 



Wildlife and Nature Protection Society





Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS),
No. 86, Rajamalwatta Road, 
Phone 011 2887390.

The WNPS is the country's oldest conservation society and is an influential conservation lobby. It publishes a bi-annual journal, Loris (in English) and Warana (in Sinhalese). Loris carries a wide range of articles, ranging from very casual, chatty pieces, to poetry, to high browed technical articles. The society also has a reasonably stocked library on ecology and natural history. Various publications, including past copies of Loris are on sale at its offices. The society maintains a bungalow outside the Ruhuna (Yala) National Park at Palatupana and another bungalow near the Uda Walawe National Park. 





 Sri Lanka Natural History Society






Sri Lanka Natural History Society (SLNHS). E-mail 
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Founded in 1912, the Sri Lanka Natural History Society (SLNHS) has remained an active, albeit small Society with a core membership of enthusiasts and professionals in nature conservation. Some eminent past Secretaries of the Society include the author/ illustrator G.M. Henry, W.W.A Philips etc.

The SLNHS organizes a varied program of lectures and slide presentations for its members. The subject matter of the talks embraces all fields of Natural History including marine life, birds, environmental issues and the recording thereof via photography etc. They organize field excursions regularly. Excursions include day trips as well as longer excursions with one or more overnight stays.





Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka






Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL), Department of Zoology, University of Colombo, Colombo 3. Tel : +94 11 5342609 Fax +94 11 2337644.

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FOGSL is the Sri Lankan affiliate of Bird Life International, and is pursuing the goal of becoming a leading local organization for bird study, bird conservation and carrying the conservation message to the masses. They have a program of site visits and lectures throughout the year and also publish the Malkoha newsletter and other occasional publications.

FOGSL is at the forefront of bird research in Sri Lanka, with its close association to the University of Colombo. Education is an important activity and FOGSL use school visits, exhibitions, workshops and conferences on bird study and conservation to promote their aims. It has made admirable progress since it's formation in 1976 and its membership has grown to over 800. A number of school organizations are affiliated members and FOGSL have also developed links with the private sector through a corporate member scheme.

Membership categories are as follows. 
Life Member Rs 1,500 
Ordinary Member 100 
Student/Child 25 
Affiliate Member 250 
Corporate Member 2,500 
Foreign Member USD 10 or Rs 1,000