Careers at Jetwing Eco Holidays

Staff turnover is low (phew!) at Jetwing Eco Holidays with our team members averaging between 2 to 4 years before they move onto other things.


Very good command of English and atleast one year work experience at a reputed travel company are two basic requirements for this position. He/She must have a very good knowledge of travel and tourism in general, the most essential quality we are looking for is the hunger to win business. Staff members to our operations team are hired based on their professional ability to fit into the corporate culture at Jetwing Eco Holidays, the role of our Executive staff is clearly distinguished from that of our team of naturalist guides. The Core Working Values of the company are Honesty, Financial Integrity and Ease of take up, with Honesty lending itself to the other two values. If you’re interested and confident that you meet the above criteria, please send in your detailed CV to

However, almost all the time we have people on short internships of 3 to 6 months. This may suit people with an interest in wildlife who would like to dabble in eco-tourism prior to going to university or gain work experience to apply for a permanent job elsewhere in the industry. You are welcome to send your CV, but please accept our apology in advance if you only receive a brief acknowledgement. Being a small team, we can be very busy at times and our first priority is to ensure everything is going smoothly for our clients. Candidates for internships may like to read the interns blog on this site. Interns who are very good in English and/or have good design or visual skills can get away with not having good maths skills.

For people who want to work in an operations role, we prefer candidates with a good analytical background. We love people who have done mathematics at Advanced Level. If you are a zoo or botany person, don’t despair. You may fit into some of the conservation NGO type of work we do.

Why do we want maths?

Well, we do a lot of work which is more typical of a conservation NGO. But fundamentally we are running a business. The expectations of clients are very high and we need clever people who are comfortable with working with numbers who can explore and price different alternatives quickly and easy for clients. A good maths background also means people have been taught to approach their work in a systematic and orderly fashion. Our clients like to be handled by staff who are switched on.

Candidates for an operations role need to take a basic maths test and a more advanced business case study. The basic maths skills test on this site will give you an idea of the minimum proficiency we expect.