Tour Leaders at Jetwing Eco Holidays


At Jetwing Eco Holidays, we have some of the most experienced and talented naturalists in Sri Lanka. The trip reports on our site give first-hand feedback on the quality of our guides.

Some of our guides, like Wicky, have a legendary reputation for the number of days they clock in the field . In 2005, Wicky chalked up an astonishing 200 days leading tours. Clients commend Wicky for being reliable, good fun, patient and for being knowledgeable about the Sri Lankan cultural sites as well as nature.

Hetti is also one of our most popular guides. One of our clients, Jon, was so impressed with Hetti’s integrity that he was made a trustee of a Tsunami relief fund set up by Jon. Clients rate Hetti’s birding knowledge as incredible, especially his ability to filter out the calls of birds the clients have already seen, and to tune in on those clients hadn’t.
Others who lead tours for us include, Sam, Mahinda, Kamil, Tyronne, Upali, Suchithra, Nandana, Lasantha, Roy, Nauffer, Laxman, Shantha, Nandana, Gayan, Prashantha, Manawadu and Suminda.
All of our in-house guides are all-round naturalists and know their mammals, birds, butterflies and dragonflies reasonably well.
We also use a number of freelance guides, some of whom from time to time take academic or consultancy assignments. We also have a few ‘guest leaders’, some of whom are European and North American.
Depending on the level of expertise you seek and the size of your group, we will suggest a suitable guide for you.