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Amaya Hills Kandy


Amongst the eco friendly resorts in Sri Lanka, this Kandyan hotel is a tasteful mingling of the essence of Kandy’s culture with the trimmings of contemporary chic and four-star luxury. Rooms offer a feast for the eyes of distant hills, valleys below and far beyond, while the interiors includes entertainment systems, balcony sit outs and more.

Nestled in the picturesque hill tops of Kandy, Amaya Hills offers guests a breathtaking retreat that peers into the verdant mountains of Hanthana. Built along the lines of a Kandyan Palace, a Maligawa as locals would call it, this four-star hotel is a tasteful mingling of Kandyan culture paired with the trimmings of contemporary luxury.


Built along the lines of a Kandyan Palace or Maligawa – Amaya Hills offers guests a breathtaking retreat that peers down from its summit into the Hanthana mountains that encircle its structure. Its idyllic setting makes it truly a palace of one’s own in the hills.

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Drawing inspiration from ancient Kandyan architectural concepts and motifs, the 100 rooms housed at this four-star hotel offers stunning views of the forest-covered hills of Heerassagala and the scenic valleys beyond. From floor to ceiling, every room brings aspects of Kandyan culture closer to guests, reflecting a unique take on modernistic luxury interspersed with Kandyan culture. Rooms are accented by heavy wooden carvings – a characteristic trait among ancient Sri Lankan artisans.


From the exquisite dishes at our elegant restaurant to the exotic cocktails from our bar to the delightful sandwiches at the airy poolbar, Amaya Hills at Kandy aims to please every palette. Savour a range of delicious offerings, showcasing Sri Lankan flair along with fresh local ingredients.

Sports and Entertainment

Discover a wide range of opportunities at Amaya Hills. Exciting activities abound this charming retreat, each designed to appeal to the discerning traveller. Explore the categories below and be inspired to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Activities & Highlights

At Amaya Hills, we’d like to encourage our guests to explore the natural splendour of this beautiful hill country. What better way than to set off on an adventurous trek through the Hanthana mountain range and catch a glimpse of the feathered kind. Capture these glorious creatures in their natural habitat as you traverse along winding pathways lined with lush, stately trees.

Prepare for an enthralling excursion as our in-house naturalist will lead you to a number of exciting hotspots, where vibrant birds can be seen in abundance. For a complete experience, our in-house naturalist will be more than happy to educate guests on the different varieties of birdlife existent in the area. It is estimated that over 200 species of birds have nestled in the Hanthana mountain range. The trek should last about two hours and is the perfect photographic opportunity for nature lovers to capture these beautiful creatures in a natural setting.