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Elephant Reach


Elephant Reach, located bordering the Ruhuna Yala National Park, invites travelers to enjoy the bountiful nature in its natural surrounding whilst experiencing authentic Sri Lankan hospitality combined with luxury. Thus the experience of a stay at Elephant Reach will be cherished by all who step inside this nature haven.

At Elephant Reach you are bound to experience true Sri Lankan hospitality in unison with beauty of nature and wild life. Thus Elephant Reach ensures that its guest enjoy luxury in simplicity coupled with Sri Lankan hospitality, which makes them return to this Isle Paradise, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, our beautiful Sri Lanka.



Located near the entry point of Yala National Park, Elephant Reach presents luxury in its simplicity combining nature. Another unblemished element of Elephant Reach is the Sri Lankan hospitality which truly makes the stay cherished and unforgettable.

Available services


Overlooking the swimming pool is the ‘Tusks’, a restaurant with a fine dining concept for the discerning gourmet. The restaurant introduces Sri Lankan Cuisine, serving up a new take on our own traditional favorites, featuring delicate dishes. It also offers an array of delicious cuisines perfectly suited to every taste ranging from mouth tantalizing seafood to tropical salads. Theme night (on selected days) comprising Sri Lankan, Chinese, Italian, and special barbecue nights. Or you can opt to savor our A-la-carte menu and explore our exclusive wines.
Indulge yourself with lavish servings of wholesome delicacies whilst you enjoy tranquil ambience of dining on the outdoor terrace overlooking the pool. Good food, exceptional service and enchanting ambience entwines together to make every meal at the Tusks memorable.

Mahouts Lounge and Bar

Located above the Tusks is the Mahouts Lounge and Bar, presenting the ideal setting for you to unwind whilst enjoying nature and sip a cocktail at ease.
The Pool Bar comes to live on a star lit night with an ambience of romance and nature. Relax and unwind as you and your loved one sip into custom ordered cocktails or just your favorite wine.
Breaking the monotony of fine dining experience you can also enjoy a relaxed gourmet at your room in privacy. We also organize special BBQ nights by the pool on prior requests to make your stay at Elephant Reach more memorable.


Activities & Highlights

Country Life
You can enjoy a cart ride around a traditional village and enjoy Lankan cuisine made by village women while taking pleasure in seeing the country life where serenity prevails. The tour also includes the opportunity to witness the making of traditional Sri Lankan food including curd, sweetmeats by Sinhala women.

Chena cultivation in Sri Lanka is completely depended on rain-water and there are many cultural and traditional features endowed with it. It is simple as well as beautiful experience to watch this mode of living depending totally on customs and age-old traditions. The land is tilled in August (Nikini) dry season and cultivated with the blessings of rain water in September (Binara) and from December (Unduvap) to February (Navam) cometh the harvesting season. You can not only witness and observe this marvel but also enjoy those fruits and plants plucked from the chena and could enjoy the rare experience of spending a night there in the Pela, (shelter hut built on a tree) listening to folk songs and poetry sung by chena farmers to chase away wild animals from their cultivations.

Bird Watching
The Elephant Reach Hotel is situated with close proximity to some of the best places in the world to watch birds.
Bundala National Park is only a 30 minute drive from the hotel and one could enjoy the unique opportunity of seeing some hundreds of rare species. It is reported that there are over 197 species of bird both migratory and endogenous; over 383 plant species and over 324 species of vertebrates living in this 6216 hectare park.
Kumana is a well-known bird sanctuary situated in the Yala East and spreads over 35,664 hectares. It is a place where the birds breed and roost and this had made the place famous among bird watchers. During the months of April- July one could see many species of birds that flew over 9000-11,000 kilometres every year to reach the Kumana Park.