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Jungle Beach, Trincomalee


Offering the best of land and sea, this luxury Sri Lanka beach resort simply known as Jungle Beach has artfully incorporated existing trees and natural plant life into the hotel’s design, making you feel like you’re in a luxurious tree house.

Three choices of rooms are available at our truly unique Trincomalee hotel, facing the beach, the lagoon or fully immersed in the jungle, where you can still hear the lapping of the waves mixed with the songs of birds.

Follow teak walkways and stepping stones to find your way to the rustic dining area open to the sea breezes. Cross the bridge over the lotus pond to the bar, and then onto the floating platform for lounge chairs by the pool, where the waterfall heightens the sense that you have escaped into a tropical jungle oasis.




Located close to Trincomalee, this ocean beach resort is one that offers a blend of luxury and exciting adventure activities, as well as sightseeing opportunities that provide a glimpse into an ancient civilization and a rich cultural heritage.

Available services


8 luxurious villas of modern design yet crafted from indigenous materials as to appear born of the jungle and fused in harmony with the natural surroundings all offering spectacular views of the ocean. Each villa tucked deeply within luscious foliage, offers utmost privacy and seclusion. Spacious 650 square feet villas, each one luxuriously appointed with king sized beds, high-end entertainment systems, private decks and outdoor rain showers (excluding Lagoon Villas).


Tucked away in a panoramic coastal area of Kuchchaveli, Jungle Beach is one of the few luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka where you will get to sample culinary delights prepared using some of the best local ingredients and food traditions. Treat your taste buds to an array of mouth-watering dishes made with a light fusion of contemporary international and Asian flavours, using the freshest locally sourced seafood and healthy natural ingredients. With a young and creative culinary team, we bring a diverse range of dining experiences featuring authentic Sri Lankan cuisine including delectable seafood dishes and more. Enjoy an intimate beach picnic under the stars, with the breathtaking backdrop of the Indian Ocean or simply choose from the other signature dining options that await you at our enchanting coastal getaway.

Activities & Highlights


Renowned for being one of the best natural deep-water harbors in the world, Trincomalee is admired for its white sandy beaches such as Nilaveli and Uppuveli. Found in the north eastern coast of Sri Lanka, “Trinco”, as it is fondly referred to, is a desirable water sports destination owing to its throngs of pristine beaches which rank among the most scenic in the island. Boasting the world’s fifth largest natural harbour, Trinco is home to its fair share of cultural and historical attractions as well.

The region’s strong Dutch influence is evident through sites such as Fort Frederick which is home to the Swami Rock, atop which the famed Koneswaram Temple is located. Dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, the temple is one of the main sites reflecting the historical significance of Trinco. Besides this classical-medieval temple complex, the popular Lover’s Leap can also be found within the vicinity of the fort.

Adding to the distinctive natural beauty of the destination is Pigeon Island, which is a charming little rocky islet off the coast of the scenic Nilaveli Beach. Being a famous breeding ground for the iconic blue rock pigeons, it can be visited by taking a motorboat ride. Yet another point of interest among Trincomalee attractions is the group of seven hot water springs in Kanniyai. With varying temperatures, the water in these wells is believed to be rich in therapeutic value. A traveler exploring these attractions will be delighted to find Jungle Beach, a tranquil resort which lies in harmony with the surrounding natural splendor.

Hot Springs

The hot springs of Kannya are about five miles north-west of Trincomalee and about half a mile off the Anuradhapura Road. As with most places of interest in and around Trincomalee these hot springs also have their legend, which goes back to pre-Vijayan times, when Ravana was Lord of Lanka. The legend as told to Bella Sydney Woolf, Sister of Leonard Woolf and recorded in her 1914 publication “How to see Ceylon,” is as follows:


“Vishnu wished to prevent Ravana from setting forth on some undertaking, and he appeared to Ravana as an old man bearing the false news that Kannya (his mother) was dead.

Thereupon Ravana determined to put off his project and, perform the rituals for the dead, asked where he could find water for the ablutions. Vishnu disappeared and the hot springs burst forth where he had stood. Since then they have been called after Kannya.”

Lovers Leap

The touching story behind Lover’s Leap is not a legend. It is a true story attested by an inscription on a pillar on Swami Rock. Francina van Reed was the daughter of a gentleman of rank in the civil service of Holland. She was engaged to a young Dutch officer. He broke off the engagement, and his period of Foreign Service over, he embarked for Holland.

The forsaken girl watched the vessel from the promontory of Swami Rock, and when the ship taking away the faithless man passed the precipice she flung herself from the rock into the sea – a sheer drop of 400 feet.

A pillar set up on the promontory records the date of the tragedy – 1687 April 24. When Sir Emerson Tennent, Secretary of the Colony saw it in the late 1840s or early 1850s, the inscription which recalled the fate of Francina Van Reed was “nearly obliterated.”

Temple of a Thousand Pillars

There was in times, long past a magnificent temple dedicated to Konath or Konasir on the cliff. 400 feet above the sea, at the Southern extremity of the peninsula that separates the inner from the outer harbor. British and other European writers of the 18th and 19th centuries refer to this shrine as the “Temple of a Thousand Pillars.”

What was its original name and who built it? According to a Tamil legend, a Hindu Prince, having learned from the Puranas that the rock now known as Swami Rock was a fragment of the holy Mount Meru hurled into the present site during a conflict of the gods, came over to Lanka and erected upon it a temple to Shiva.

Being one of the main harbors in which seafarers in the Bay of Bengal dropped anchor, Trincomalee or Gokanna as this place was known earlier, must have been, from very early times, a settlement of Indo Aryan migrants.

Later the Pallavas and the Pandyan and Chola dynasties that ruled the Deccan (dhakkina desha) must have been closely associated with the up-keep of the Temple, lavishing wealth to maintain it in all its glory.

It is said that pilgrims from all over India came to the temple. One writer has said that it was more frequented by pilgrims than Rameswaram or the Jaganath Temple in Orissa.

The temple was razed to the ground by the Portuguese general Constantine de Saa in 1622 and he built a fort there using the stones of the demolished temple.

A temple has been built on Swami Rock (God’s Rock) which is inside Fort Fredrick. It is held in high veneration by the Hindus, and frequented by Buddhist pilgrims too.


Nestled in the breathtaking coast of Kuchchaveli, our conveniently located Jungle Beach resort gives easy access to all the significant places to visit in Trincomalee. We offer a wide range of excursions and guided tours to many top tourist attractions in and around Trincomalee while giving you the perfect opportunity to explore the sites of your choice.

You can explore this historical harbor city during the Trinco City Tour and Koneswaram, Lover’s Leap, Fort Fredrick, War Cemetery and hot spring wells are among the many attractions you get to visit during this tour. Spend an exciting day out in the Pigeon Island while engaging in many water sport activities including diving, snorkelling and scuba diving. Dolphin & whale watching in Trincomalee is another adventurous excursion that is worth trying during your holiday.

Mingle with the locals and discover the life in Kuchchaveli and its natural surroundings as you take up on an exciting cycling adventure or nature walk in the unspoilt paths of this coastal village. Spend your evening at Arisamalai, after an archaeological site visit to Thiriyaya, during a combined tour to Thiriyaya and Arisamalai.

Pigeon Island Marine National Park

Discover the spectacle of this protected tropical underwater world with over 100 species of colourful corals teeming with 300 types of reef fish, as well as Black Tip reef sharks and a variety of rays and sea turtles. Options include diving and/or snorkelling.


Whale and Dolphin Watching

Something to add to your bucket list; to watch Blue Whales – the largest mammals ever known are residents off the shores of Jungle Beach and Sperm Whales – the largest predators on our planet and also the deepest diving whales travel in pods following the matriarchal system similar to elephants. Off the coast of Sri Lanka, we often encounter “super pods” containing 40 or more along with large numbers of Spinner dolphins.

Kokkilai Bird Sanctuary

Enter in to the world of our feathered friends and bring your camera along to show your friends back home. Sri Lanka is a bird watchers paradise. Situated on the Kokkilai Lagoon, this sanctuary is home to the rare and endangered Black-necked Stork as well aslarge numbers of pelicans and hundreds of migratory birds.

Thiriyai Temple

The ruins of the most ancient Buddhist Dagaba in Sri Lanka, Girihandu Seyasituated on top of a 212 foot rock, offer stunning 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside only recently accessible and Thiriyai itself, which was once an old seaport of the Jaffna Kingdom. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity and reflect on the fact that the Dagaba is believed to enshrine a relic of hair from the Lord Buddha himself.

Trinco City Tour – Historical

Trincomalee  famed as the ‘Rome of the Pagans of the Orient’ in the sixteenth century has been, coveted since the dawn of time for its beauty along with its strategic importance as one of the world’s deepest natural harbours.  Characterized by the distinctive Swarmi Rock the city offers a rare glimpse into a past world shrouded in legends and myths, ancient temples, romantic colonial forts, tales of unrequited love and underwater discoveries as well as the tragedy of Sri Lanka’s little known version of its own Pearl Harbour.

Trinco City Tour – Spiritual

The Hindu temple is believed to be a sacred space where man and God commune. Within these sacred abodes, priests conduct puja rites, presenting flowers, water, incense, lights, food and other choice offerings, to honour the Gods and invoke their presence and blessings. This devotion in Hinduism is known as Bhakti. It is an entire realm of knowledge and practice unto itself explained by a knowledgeable spiritual guide who will help you to explore the symbols and meanings.

Fishing in the Mangroves

Experience the serenity of the mangroves at dusk and the slower rhythm of life of the local fishermen. Marvel at the abundance of Sri Lanka’s endemic and migratory birdlife and other wild life such as crocodiles, monkeys and possibly elephants in the beauty of an untouched paradise framed by the backdrop of spectacular sunsets. Add to the experience by trying your hand at fishing should you wish to.

Fishing in the Sea

Best times: Early Morning

Experience the thrill of fishing out in the ocean with knowledgeable local fishermen. Equipment and refreshments provided.

Velgam Vihara

The little known ruins of this ancient monastery, venerated by Sinhala and Tamil Buddhists alike as the ancient stone inscriptions testify, lay hidden in the dense jungle near the picturesque Periyakulam tank. Combine this with a visit to the Kanniya Hot Wells mystified in legend and believed to be a part of an ancient spiritual network, which gives rise to the notion that these waters have magical healing properties.

China Bay Golf Club

A refreshingly new Sri Lankan golfing experience set in 171 acres of lush greenery and trees. Every aspect of the course has been newly crafted with views of one of the most spectacular bays in the region. Clubs and caddies available.