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Paradise Beach Club


Imagine endless stretches of golden beaches with the rolling surf and stick-fishermen in the sunset. Sit with your favorite cocktail at your side, and a scrumptious Sri Lankan seafood bonanza laid in waiting. Take long relaxing walks in the fresh sea breeze. Experience the ultimate excitement in surfing. Explore the laid-back town with the delicious smell of fresh fish and the friendly faces of the locals. Paradise Beach Club Mirissa is located in Mirissa Bay, is renowned for its sandy stretch of beach and as a great spot for surfing. Facilities guests can enjoy at the hotel include a pool and a restaurant with a magnificent view of the blue Indian Ocean. Paradise Beach Club Mirissa offers stays for independent travelers, couples on romantic getaways and families alike. It’s location in Mirissa, ensure that guests can get the best of the beach and safari parks as well. Situated in Paradise Island Sri Lanka, and by the Beach, is more than we can ask for; hence we are Paradise Beach Club Mirissa. We offer the best in sun and surf to our guests and a memorable and comfortable stay.


Available services

Paradise Beach Club restaurant is very popular for its delectable seafood, caught in the day to keep the food fresh and succulent. With a magnificent sea view, dining on the beach, with the sea breeze blowing in your hair and the sound of the waves meeting the shore, is blissful. If you prefer a private and quiet dining experience, our restaurant also provides a pleasing and comfortably arranged dining room inside. We can make the ambiance romantic if you wish, with a candle or two.