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Rainforest Eco Lodge



The Rainforest Eco lodge, Deniyaya has been critically designed to preserve and provide a sensational experience of the forest habitat in all its glory.

The symbiotically blended forest environs to comfort and privacy tendering the best possible commune with nature. Environmentally-friendly alfresco room, observation deck, lounge and meeting room form key components within each unit. Guests can also enjoy the spellbinding view from any part of the lodge.

The Rainforest Eco lodge thrives on a five hundred-acre division of the Enselwatte Tea Estate bordering the South-eastern side of the Sinharaja Rainforest, with forest reserve.

The colorful, breathtaking opera of endangered ‘local culture’ can now play every day to the concert perch of the open viewing deck.


The Rainforest Eco lodge is situated in the Sinharaja division of the Enselwatte estate in Deniyaya. This plot of previously cultivated tea land, borders the south eastern fringe of the Sinharaja rainforest reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site inscribed in 1988.


Activities & Highlights

Nature Trails
The design of Nature Trails was done using the information from the detailed research studies and mapping conducted on biodiversity and flocks at the site.

Bird Watching
Home to over 25 endemic species and a myriad of others, Sinharaja is fondly referred to as a bird watcher’s paradise. Indulge in the sound silence of the
leafy everglades, in wait of the prize
Blue Magpie or the Sri Lanka White Eye.
Experience Bliss
Walk by the enchanting Tea Estate
Experience the colour of species of butterflies
Dive into beautiful Waterfalls
Explore the mystical sounds of streams
Serene surrounding for meditation and yoga
Savor the flavour of the local people

Take a trek through the quaint paths of Sinharaja where placid undergrowth lie in wait for the appreciation of all who wish to indulge in the tranquil wilderness of Sri Lanka’s world renowned rainforest.
A range of specially designed trekking routes are made available to guests, varied by altitude, direction and the clusters of wildlife found in each area.