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The Yala Adventure


Characterizing the nature in its purest form combined with finest luxury stay. Consist of luxury tented accommodations – at its finest and comfortable rooms.

It’s a rural and unspoiled village call “ Weweyay”, isolated from the hassle and bassle of the city . The Hotel risen up in a edge of “Yoda Wewa”  . As surrounded by lush greeneryit makes a home to various kinds of endemic and indigenous birds. Our neighbor, picturesque “Yoda Wewa” blanketed with purple and white aquatic flowers year in year out. We are close to The Yala national Park, Lunugamwehera National Park and Bundala National Park . It’s particularly a hub to nature lovers.

Available services

Our eco-friendly open air restaurant is truly a unique way to dine in. Demonstrating the verily need of preserving the Mother Nature, It is made out of wooden and thatched from one of a traditional grass call “Iluk“. For a split second you will fancy that you step in to a traditional African restaurant. Captivating greenery surrounding, freshly drifted breeze and naked view of “Yoda Wewa” is the first steps for charming dine in. From our handicraft menus, you can choose to have harmonious blended traditional Sri Lankan foods, or some endemic indigenous cuisines to international fine dining with a bit of Sri Lankan touch to satisfy your tasty buds and conflate to the charm. Fresh, locally grown ingredients make all the difference in your dining experience. In our kitchen we make sure to use organic and fresh ingredients from spices to main course. Most of them plucked from our own organic garden. Withal we empower local community by, buying their products from farmers of the village. Urge to taste mouth watering fresh sea foods? Well, it’s just your order – away. All supplies are daily rounded away from Kirinda Fish Market.

BBQ Dinner

A night you will remember rest of your life. Enjoy a wide selection of finest BBQ as born fire gleam away surrounding somber. A night with a smell of mouth watering, on a lake bank under the moon with a little bit of magic.

Activities & Highlights



YALA NATIONAL PARK renowned as the best in the world is the star attraction where you can observe and photograph leopards. As well as leopards there are large numbers of elephants living inside the park and these can be seen bathing in the numerous lakes within the park. You can also see spotted deer, sambar, wild boar, wild buffaloes, sloth bear, jackal, crocodiles and mongoose. The bird life is also fantastic and you can see at close range Rosy Starlings, Paradise Flycatchers, Crested Hawk Eagles, Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters, Peacocks and Common Loras.
Yala East consists of scrub jungle, brackish lagoons and stunning rock monoliths scattered throughout the park. The vegetation in the park comprises predominantly of semi-arid thorny scrub, interspersed with pockets of dense secondary forest. Small patches of mangrove vegetation also occur along the coastal lagoons. The park is also renowned for its fine coastline (associated with beautiful coral reefs). It also boasts a large number of important cultural ruins, bearing testimony to earlier civilizations and indicating that much of the area used to be populated and well developed.


BUNDALA NATIONAL PARK adjacent to the Yala National Park covers an area of 6216 hectares. This park has been declared as Sri Lanka’s first of five ‘Ramsar’ wetlands in Sri Lanka – one of great international importance especially for migratory waterfowls. For keen bird-watchers, the complex wetland system harbours a rich bird life (approximately 197 species), including several species of migratory waterfowl. It is also home to 32 different species of mammal, 5 of which are classified as threatened. The park falls within the southeastern arid zone of Sri Lanka, with a general climate that can be classified as hot and dry.
The terrain is generally flat with sand dunes bordering the coastline, and vegetation consists mainly of dry thorny scrublands and lagoons. A total of 383 plant species have been recorded from the park, including 6 endemics and 7 species that are considered nationally threatened.

Village Trek

We will start our village excursion in front of our hotel lake bank. We will ride along the Yodha Lake and a ride of half an hour will take you to the bird island which is a home for number of birds. We will have a look around the island and meet the local fishermen who wait for their harvest. If you are keen you will be able buy some freshly caught lake fish from them where you can have a dish of fresh water fish for your lunch. We will continue our ride up to the other bank of the lake from where we will start our village expedition. We will walk along the village houses, paddy fields and chaina cultivations experiencing the local village life styles. We will stop at a village chaina where you will be welcomed by a cup of local herbal drink with homemade local sweetmeats. We will spend few hours & interact with the local people at the chaina. You will be able to get hands on experience of working with a head farmer at the Chaina. His family members will help you to cook your meal where you will be able to experience local cooking as well. Enjoy your freshly prepared Farmers’ lunch at the Chaina. Saying good bye to the farmer and his family members we will start our retreat. We will come back to the lake bank where we will get into the catamaran and ride back to our hotel in the other side of the lake bank.