de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2006). Birds in Action – Sri Lanka Through a Lens. Synergy. January-February 2006. Pages 44. Volume 02, Issue 06.
Successful bird photography captures many of the ingredients necessary for business success. Researching the subject, patience, initiative to go off the beaten track and the instinct to fire the shutter when the action breaks out. Is this why so many business people are encountered in our national parks all searching for that elusive winning shot?
For the Peafowl I was rewarded for patiently staying at a waterhole in Yala. As the Peacock began to dust bathe I swung around for a quick shot. A few seconds was all I had. The same instinct to anticipate and shoot in one smooth flow helped with the Crested Hawk-eagle carrying a Cattle Egret at Yala and the Purple Swamphens fighting in the Kotte Marshes.
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