de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2006). Mannar – Sri Lanka Through a Lens. March/April 2006. Page 62.Volume 03, Issue 01. ISSN 1391-9385
Pictures from Mannar.
We visited Mannar at the end of March 2006. Despite the first round of peace talks, memories were still fresh of an attack on a navy convoy on the main road in February. The military was tense and to avoid problems we had to explain to the military and the civilians what we were doing.
Under a baking sun, we spent two hours to get within 200 meters of a flock of Flamingos, using a line of thorn scrub as a screen to avoid disturbing the birds. Mannar Island is like one vast nature reserve, albeit with a conspicuous military presence. After a while, we got used to photographing birds and butterflies under the watchful eyes sentries in bunkers.
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