Dallas & Geof


Dallas & Geof

08 November 2013, just after midnight, we have arrived in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. Our guide/driver is there to meet us so we are off to a good start for our 20 day holiday. The road away from the airport & into Colombo is good, a multi-lane highway – with a toll gate at the end. The streets through the city are fairly dark & deserted. Anura, our guide makes a call to alert the hotel that we are on our way. Later he makes another couple of calls as we have left sealed roads & street lights behind, this road appears to be narrow, a bit uneven & there is a mist enveloping us! But after an hour & a half we have arrived, two young men greet us with a lovely cold towel & a glass of fresh watermelon juice. And so to bed….breakfast will be leisurely at 9am.

Later that same day we survey our surroundings – our room is large with a balcony overlooking a wetland; we also have an ‘outdoor’ bathroom. Breakfast is had beside the pool – fresh flowers – purple lotus (the national flower) [fresh flowers were a feature of all table decorations here]. Lovely breakfast of pineapple juice as well as king coconut juice, fresh (water) buffalo curd & kitula palm honey, fresh fruit – banana, papaya, watermelon, mango – 2 varieties & pineapple – beautiful! Then a Sri Lankan omelet (slightly spicy with chillies) with grilled tomatoes; then toast with jam / marmalade. We decide that we cannot keep this every day!

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