Dwarf Elephant

Udawalwa“For the last five years, I have been chasing behind a dwarf elephant in Udawalawe National Park. This incredibly elusive elephant only appears when he is in musth and vanishes within a few days. No one is clear on its exact home range. This is officially the first dwarf elephant the world has ever seen and I was very eager to have a glimpse of this amazing creation of nature. Even though he’s shorter, he is known to be quite aggressive towards other male elephants and safari jeeps. I was informed of a sighting of this elephant in this year. I went to Udawalawe National Park the next day. I was privileged enough to witness this beast crossing the road close to Gonawiddagala area. The supreme bulkiness and height of the elephant is tattooed in my mind forever.”

Location: Udawalawe National Park

This Dwarf Elephant was featured in an article on BBC Earth on 06/01/2015

Images & Description by Raveendra Siriwardene 
“AVIUM – An endless journey through Sri Lankan wilds”
Page number 41