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de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2010). Butterfly Safaris: The development of photographic guides. Hi Magazine. Series 8, Volume 3. Pages 242-243. Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne on his mission to make butterflies accessible to all through the developm..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). Mirissa or Trinco: Which will be the hot spot? The Sunday Times Plus. Sunday 02 January 2011. Features. Page 7. Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne continues with th..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). Branding Sri Lanka in London’s art world. The Sunday Times Plus. Sunday 10 April 2011. Features. Page ? On the first major exhibition of Sri Lankan contempora..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). Looking for a Sinharaja Bird Wave. May – June 2011. Living. Pages 46-47. Volume 6, Issue 5. ISSN 1800-0746. I wag my finger at Tom, who is puzzled. I move my head up and gaze upwards. I was never good ..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). Blue Whale of Mirissa. July – August 2011. Living. Pages 42-43. Volume 6, Issue 6. ISSN 1800-0746. It has gone quiet and we are chatting. Suddenly a loud exhalation of air has all us scrambling to view..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). How Sri Lanka was positioned as being Best for Blue Whales. Daily Mirror. Colombo. 28 July 2011. Imagine encountering an aggregation of 25 Blue Whales mig..

Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne in another game changing article brings together new data to publicise a commercially feasible strike rate for Blue Whales during the East Coast season from March to August —————̵..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). The Sperm Whales of Kalpitiya. Tales from the Field. Hi Magazine. October 2011. Series 9, Volume 3. Pages 172-177. Encounters with Sperm Whales off the Kalpitiya Peninusla. The great beast of Moby Dick fame ..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2011). An Englishwoman in Blue Whale Country. The Sunday Times Plus. Sunday 16 October 2011. Features. Page 8. The role of an Englishwoman in launching whale watch..