Gemunu Tusker

yalaAged around 40 – 45 years old he got his name from Minister Sajith Premadasa in 1991/92. Visitors to the park used to give him fruits whenever they encountered him and now he is used to get fruits from the jeeps forcefully. Mostly seen at Sithulpawwa Road, he regularly visits Sithulpawwa temple and the monks there give him fruits as well.

Most recently he blocked a jeep and grabbed a bag from it. The bag had some food items, camera equipment and dollar notes mounting to nearly LKR 200,000/= which ended up as food for Gemunu.

Location: Yala National Park

Data compiled by stories of numerous naturalist guides who work with Jetwing Eco Holidays
Images by wildlife photographer Aditya Singh in an article published in the website on 30/04/2013 (Carters News Agency Ltd)