Natta & Brother

wilpattu“12.12.2012. An unforgettable day for me and a couple of my friends. Our first trip to Wilpattu National Park. We were in love with the park as soon as we entered. The paths covered in shades of the trees, sun light streaking in and with the unusual cold temperature, it felt like a fairy tale. When we were heading back, my friend shouted ‘Koti Koti!’ and to our delight there were two beautiful cubs sitting next to each other as if they were trained. They looked about 10 months old and we felt blessed to witness this on our first visit. For two hours, we stayed there taking pictures and observing them. They were playing, rolling on the sand and didnt pay any attention to our presence.
Few years later, one of the cubs became the famous “Natta” who roams in ‘Maha Pathessa’, ‘Kuda Pathessa’ and ‘Kurutupandi’ areas of Wilpattu National Park. And his brother has lost an eye from a fight with another leopard.”

Location: Wilpattu National Park

Images & Description by Sadeepa Gunawardana 
“AVIUM – An endless journey through Sri Lankan wilds”
Page number 80, 81