This young male’s name is Ranitha. He is a year-old male that was Wasgamuwaobserved in the Wasgamuwa National park. He was the only juvenile of his age so he got a lot of attention from the herd. He was trying to come very close to us, but his mother kept trying to stop him but all her attempts were in vain and he came towards us like in the photo to show how cute he is.

The photograph below depicts young Ranitha with his mother, in this photo she is trying to stop the young male from approaching the vehicle.

Location: Wasgamuwa National Park


The SLWCS Elephant ID Project
Text by: Ravi Corea
Image Courtesy;
Chinthaka Weerasinghe/SLWCS
Chandima Fernando/SLWCS
Ravi Corea/SLWCS