Ayurveda Tourism in Sri Lanka

The uniqueness of wellness tourism in Sri Lanka is how it is being offered with the essence of historical Ayurvedic practices that were followed during the ancient times. Being termed as “Ayurveda Tourism”, it helps people to acquire harmony of body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda in its essence is the science of life and longevity of people which roots back to thousands of years in history. It is recognized as one of the oldest medicinal practices and it is believed that advanced Ayurvedic practices were followed in many areas of Sri Lanka including Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and Jaffna which cannot even be compared to procedures that are available now. It is a practice where profound thoughts of medicine and well-being are blended together with philosophy and meditation. It cascades you toward achieving the right balance through providing a wholesome physical, mental and spiritual growth.

It is growing as a global trend in the current context and people from all over the world are seeking to acquire physiological balance and detoxification and a getaway from their busy schedules. The holistic procedure provided through the practice of Ayurveda with a naturopathic mode is one of the key highlights of “Ayurveda Tourism” in Sri Lanka as these treatments do not include any side effects or negative impacts even if the treatment is for acutely serious ailments.