Say Hello to the Locals

Jetwing believes every single animal is unique and has its own life story. As Sri Lanka’s premier wildlife operator, it is our responsibility to identify, learn and share the wildlife stories of Sri Lanka. We always shared information about wildlife with our customers and realised there’s a huge interest towards wildlife education among travellers. Even though Sri Lanka has diversified and beautiful wildlife there was no professional body who initiated the wildlife familiarisation towards the travellers. By identifying the gap, Jetwing Travels have stepped forward to create a digital hub for Sri Lankan wildlife familiarisation.

We launched Say Hello to the Locals – a digital hub on Sri Lankan wildlife in the beginning of the month 2017. The main focus of the project is familiarisation, information and identification of local wildlife. We don’t want our travellers to see just leopards, elephants and other rare animals – but we want them to get to know these locals better and make friends. The main vision of this project is ‘We want to change the way you see wildlife!’

This digital hub discusses unique animal characters which identified by Sri Lankan local guides / Environmental researchers / Naturalists and Photographers with the details of their specific names, behaviour, stories, locations and photographs. We don’t want our travellers to see animals but we want them to spot special locals, get to know life stories and special behaviours.

This project was launched with following objectives;

  • To identify local wildlife based on their unique features, behaviour and stories and educate all stakeholders including international travellers on these locals.
  • To provide the opportunity for travellers to make friendship with these locals in their adventures in Sri Lanka and share experiences with others.
  • To motivate travellers to identify new wildlife animals in Sri Lanka and share the news with us to explore further.
  • To position Sri Lanka as a good destination for wildlife tourism as an alternative to a beach holiday destination.

Importance of the project

It is vital to identify personalities of local species to understand individual and collective behaviours, social personalities, range, locations, specifications, population of the species and their special life stories. This information will be useful in developing strategies and programs for conservation. It will be beneficial in developing measures for wildlife conflict mitigation as well.

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