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de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (1999). Book Review. The Birds of the Indian Subcontinent. Loris, Journal of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka. June 1999. Volume 22, Number 01. ISSN 0024-6514. Page 59. A review of Grimmett, R..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2000). Kandy Hosts Bird Watching Conference. Island Newspaper. ?? October 2000. Page 11. An account of the Pan Asian Ornithological Conference held in Sri Lanka. The clinking of coffee cups broke the stillness of t..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2000). Sri Lanka Frogmouth – An Unusual Tourist Attraction. Birders’ Corner. Island Newspaper. 04 October 2000. The strange troll-like bird in the photograph is a Sri Lanka Frogmouth, a surprising touri..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2001). Turning Dreams Into Dust. LMD. January 2001. Page 123. Volume 07, Issue 06. ISSN 1391-135X. The importance of the Bellanwila Attidiya Sanctuary as an urban oasis for wildlife and its potential for eco-touris..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2001). Rendezvous in a Rainforest. LMD. December 2001. In search of the Green-billed Coucal at Morapitiya rainforest. Birder and photographer Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne thinks its time to publicise a liitle known r..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2002). On the Frogmouth Trail. LMD. March 2002. Page 136. Volume 08, Issue 08. ISSN 1391-135X. A walk through the forest in search of the nocturnal frogmouth reveals the magical sights and sounds of the forest by n..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2002). Yala the Understated Birder’s Paradise. Serendipity. April 2002. Page 2. Ornithological writer Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne argues that there is more to Yala than Elephants and Leopards. “Yala for Bird..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2002). Nature Watching in the Kandyan Hills. Serendipity. May 2002. Page 4. Sri Lanka’s eco-tourism industry is thinking beyond Elephants says Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne, who visited the Hunas Falls Hotel to ..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2002). Highland Hunter. LMD. May 2002. Page 136. Volume 08, Issue 10. Birder & Wildlife Photographer Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne goes in search of Arrenga and Leopard in Horton Plains Two pairs of headlight beam..

de Silva Wijeyeratne, G. (2002). Shooting Leopards in Yala. Serendipity. June 2002. Page 4. Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne takes YATV to Yala and nearly runs out of film as Leopard and Bear put on a great performance Amarasiri, with scarcely a ..