Experiential East

The Eastern part of the island is a treasure trove of
History, Culture, Food, Adventure, Wildlife and Nature.
However, this region of the island is much less explored
than the rest. We have put together an itinerary that
will take you on these paths less explored to the sights
and sounds of the east.

07 Days/ 06 Nights
Wellawaya, Gal Oya, Pottuvil, Pasikudah
Jetwing Kaduruketha | Wild Glamping Gal Oya | Jetwing Surf | Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa
  • Visit to the Rajagala Monastery
  • Leopards in Kumana National Park
  • Boat safari in the Senanayaka Samudraya
  • Elephants of Gal Oya National park
  • Veddahs and their culture
Day 01
From your previous destination arrive at Wellawaya and check in to Jetwing Kaduruketha. “Wellawaya is the perfect location for the travelers who are looking for calm and quiet experiences, where culture, agriculture and nature are all found nestled together”. “Jetwing Kaduruketha is an icon of agro tourism and combines luxury accommodation with Sri Lanka’s agricultural legacy. The hotel is modeled after a traditional village home combined with rustic luxuries to make your stay comfortable and luxurious. We open our doors and invite you to this wonderful world where nature and agriculture blend as one and thrive together”. Enjoy a scrumptious Sri Lankan meal before you get some time to rest and relax after the journey. In the evening we have arranged an excursion to the Buduruwagala temple complex. The complex consists of 7 statues that date back to the 10th century. 51ft tall Buddha Statue is the highlight and still bares traces of its original robe and the remnants of the orange colour suggests that the statue was brightly coloured.
Jetwing Kaduruketha
Full Board basis
Day 02
Before breakfast, head out with the hotels naturalist on a bird watching tour of the property and its surroundings. With good agriculture practices together with an emphasis on protecting the environment, the hotel grounds and the surrounding areas are a haven for birds and bird watchers alike. Grab a pair of binoculars and head to see birds such as the endemic Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot and the Sri Lanka Small Barbet. You’re back to the hotel for breakfast, a short break before you head out to explore the local village. Here you get to meet the local people going about their daily lives and not to forget the friendly and welcoming nature of the locals. The village visit is highlight by a home cooked meal full of customary Sri Lankan flavours, followed by hot tea and sweets. Well-deserved rest in the evening as the eastern adventure continues.
Jetwing Kaduruketha
Full Board basis
Day 03
A lovely breakfast awaits you before you check out from Jetwing Kaduruketha and take the 2 hour drive towards the Gal Oya region where you check in to Wild Glamping Gal Oya by Themed Resorts. “The Gal Oya region is steeped in history, culture that includes the Veddah’s (aborigines) the true owners of the island and plenty of Wildlife” When you reach the entrance to the campsite the staff together with the Veddah chief of the area, will then escort you to light a traditional oil lamp and offer a small prayer to bless your stay at this wonderful property. Check in and a scrumptious meal will be followed by a nature walk to a nearby forest patch. Your guide will be none other than the chief of the Veddah tribe who’s in-depth knowledge of the forest is a treat to anyone to listen to. The walk will start off with a visit to a cultural center for the Veddah people to share their stories and way of life with visitors. The forest too is special that it is said to have been grown with various medicinal plants and trees by one of the ancient Kings of the era. You’re back to the hotel for a quick dip and then dinner. 10 min drive from the hotel to the cultural center.
Wild Glamping Gal Oya
Full Board basis
Day 04
Second day at the luxurious Wild Glamping Gal Oya. The Gal Oya region is a great destination for bird watchers and the highlight for any bird watcher who comes to the area are the Painted Francolin and the Yellow Footed Green Pigeon. Together with your very own naturalist head off on a 4km bird watching trail that takes you through the properties organic farms towards a beautiful lake. Stop and take in these fantastic sights while your naturalist explains the birds and plant life that you come across. Back to the campsite for breakfast. Spend some time enjoying the sights and sounds of the hotel area and enjoy a scrumptious lunch. In the evening you then take an hour’s drive to reach a section of Gal Oya National Park that connects to the Sennanayaka Samudraya (Samudraya Mean Ocean in Sinhalese). This is the largest man made reservoir in the country and it not only provides water to people for irrigation but also to numerous wildlife such as elephants and crocodiles. You hop on a boat and head out in the waters of the reservoir in search of the famous swimming elephants of Gal Oya and also various species of water birds and large crocodiles. Your naturalist will be on hand to answer all your questions and interpret the sights and sounds you see. You will be served tea and sweet meats on one of the numerous islands you find dotted on the reservoir.
Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes
Full Board basis
Day 05
- On day 5 we head out of Wild Glamping Gal Oya and make our way to the eastern coast and the township of Pottuvil. But before that we stop over at the Rajagala monastery complex. This ancient complex is found on top of a hillock where you do a 1.4km trek to the top. “Said to be purely a monastery complex it does not have any ruins such as royal palaces. The complex is said be created by King Lajjathissa and presented to the sanga, the exact dates are not specific but the complex is said to have been inhabited by monks in the early 1st century BC. The complex houses several structures of significance such as two stupas or pagodas, multiple caves that are said to have been used by meditating monks and a rock inscription that speak of the arrival of Arahath Mihindu (Mahinda) to the country and the site of burial of his relics. This is said to be the only written proof of the arrival of Arahath Mahinda. You explore the monastery after a picnic breakfast and then take a 2 hour drive towards the Pottuvil town. Check in to Jetwing Surf for lunch. In the evening enjoy a boat ride on the lagoon with the hotels naturalist and take in the sights and sounds of the Lagoon. Back to the hotel for a rest and you will have a dinner arranged for you on the beach.
Jetwing Surf
Full Board basis
Day 06
Another action packed day awaits you! Early morning we head off towards Kumana National Park and the Kudumbigala Monastery. After an hour’s drive you arrive at the entrance to the monasteries complex which is still used by monks for meditation so keeping quiet here is paramount. The 1st stop of the tour takes you to what is known as Belumgala or view point where you scale a rock face (it can be said to be a medium to hard climb and requires a certain amount of fitness, hand rails and shallow steps are present). The view point gives you a 360 degree view of the area. The next part of the tour takes you towards the locations where monks stay while they meditate. Climb down form the top and take a short drive to the Panama Lake where the hotel team is ready for you with a local breakfast spread. Enjoy the meal and rest for a short time before heading back towards Kumana National Park. Even on the drive towards the park entrance you might come across Elephants, numerous birds and herds of Spotted Deer. You can choose to have your picnic lunch by the park entrance or it can be served to you within the park at the designated stop over point. Inside the park the hotel naturalist will explain what you can see and hear. The park is known for its bird life but now has become a second hot spot for leopard activity after Yala National Park. So keep a look out for the islands biggest cat and top predator. Sloth bears too are numerous in the park and the period between June and August is the best time to see them as they gorge themselves on the Palu Fruit.
Jetwing Surf
Day 07
You can end your adventure of the east coast from here or if you wish to continue, the next stop will be the Malu Malu resort in Pasikudah, Batticaloa. This section of the stay will be one which you enjoy the sun and the pristine beach.
Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa
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